Never A Good Day To Die

Absolva are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2012 who released their debut album the same year. A live album followed in 2013 with their second album released in 2014. 'Never A Good Day To Die' is the bands' third studio album and was released in the autumn of 2015.    
The UK has a strong tradition for producing heavy metal and hard rock bands with a touch of the melodic, and Absolva are here to prove that this tradition is still ongoing. Their new album opens with the foot stomping, bombastic 'Disguise'. Twin guitars, galloping rhythms, a catchy chorus and you know that this is British made. A clean and clear vocal delivery with blistering guitar solos. The awesome NWOBHM guitar sound is evident as 'Killer Within' thunders in and chugs along at a mid tempo pace, heavy yet melodic. The addictive 'No One Escapes' is typical of the foot stomping, head banging nature of British heavy metal. The chorus will be chanted by the crowd in a live arena with smiles a mile wide across everyone's faces.    
'The Light' brings a slow mid tempo, foot stomping thud to the album and a breather from the all out pace and power heard so far. The title song 'Never A Good Day To Die' returns the pace and power to the album and is one of the catchiest songs on offer here. Guitars buzz, drums thunder and the galloping rhythms keep the song moving along at a cracking pace for head banging. 'How Black Is My Heart' is an epic seven minutes in length and starts out like a get those lighters out eh! Sounding like a power ballad from the hard rock genre, until a sudden change of pace after three minutes when guitars blaze a trail of destruction through the airwaves. From lighters in the air to furious head banging 'How Black Is My Heart' is a two faced song. Keep those heads banging and your fists raised high as 'Transform' rockets into life, with a passion and power that British metallers Iron Maiden and Judas Priest pioneered during the eighties NWOBHM evolution.    
One of the best songs on the album is 'No Tomorrow'. It is full of catchy guitar hooks with an addictive rhythm that will have you banging your head and stamping your feet whether you want to or not. Epitomising the sound of classic British heavy metal 'No Tomorrow' delivers the iconic "punch" that the NWOBHM became famed for. And packing even more punches, is the hard hitting 'Warrior Soldier' with hints at legendary British bands Saxon and Iron Maiden. The unique guitar sound of the NWOBHM is recognisable from outer space and Absolva display this style many times throughout the album and in 'Orphan Of God' they have it in abundance. Add powerful clean vocals, a foot tappingly addictive rhythm and a catchy sing a long chorus and 'Orphan Of God' must be a crown favourite in the making. Ending the album is 'All Alone', a title you would associate with a ballad...but in this case, nope! Yes, there is a cracking one minute musical intro to make you believe that indeed it is a ballad but when the song kicks off like a herd of stampeding rhino, you know you are from ballad territory. In your face chugging rhythms and superb guitars make 'All Alone' the most brutal song on the album.    
Overall, catchy and addictive British heavy metal with blazing guitars and thundering rhythms to keep your head banging for a very long time.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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