Meet Thy Maker

October 31 are a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 1995. Their debut album, The Fire Awaits You, was released in 1997 with a second album, Meet Thy Maker released in 1999. Meet Thy Maker has now been reissued and includes their five song E.P. Visions Of The End, plus other bonus songs.    
Now with a twin guitar attack, the album opens with the foot stomping 'Meet Thy Maker', full of thundering rhythms and screaming guitars that pay homage to the NWOBHM sound. 'Just An Illusion' follows the same path, but has much more of a chug to it and the guitars sound much more polished than the opener. 'For There Is War!' and 'Far From Danger Now' both pick up the pace and are epic six minutes plus songs that race through numerous time changes and guitar solos, with 'Far From Danger Now' having a monumental hit the brakes moment as it breaks down into all acoustic mode and then builds up to a furious finish.    
The cover of 'Power And The Glory' (by Saxon) follows and is absolutely superb. This is one of the best covers of a song you will ever hear. 'The Verdict' rumbles along majestically for over six minutes with 'Behind The Castle Walls' an atmospheric, epic journey. This album is worth listening to just for these two songs alone as they embody everything that is great about heavy metal. October 31 definitely should have been more of a force in the history of heavy metal.    
The next five songs are from Visions Of The End, an E.P. released in 1998. The heavy, almost brutal 'Visions Of The End' rattles this E.P. into life followed by the rampaging 'The Chosen One'. This is an amazing song, full of power, pace and some blistering guitar work. 'Servants And Slaves' is a guitar riffing masterpiece as it revels in the NWOBHM sound. The theme of recording covers continues with 'Give 'Em The Axe' (by Lizzy Borden) with 'The Legend Of The Haunted Sea' finishing the E.P. in chillingly atmospheric style.    
The bonus songs on this reissue are a version of 'When Darkness Covers The Sun' recorded during the recording sessions for the Meet Thy Maker album, a demo version of 'The Chosen One', 'Meet Thy Maker' with Chuck Parsons on vocals and a live version of 'The Chosen One' recorded in 2000 with Shawn Pelata on vocals.    
Overall, an ecstatic re-visit to the metal scene of the nineties with an amazing blend of heavy metal and power metal. Meet Thy Maker is a brilliant album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Temple    
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