Still A Warrior

DSG (David Shankle Group) are a heavy power metal band from the USA formed in 2002 by former Manowar guitarist David Shankle. Releasing their debut album in 2003, this was followed in 2007 with their second and now, in 2015, DSG have released their third album.    
With a guitarist of the stature of David Shankle, you would expect nothing short of brilliance...and that is what you get here, an album full of guitar driven, power metal. Kicking off in traditional power metal style, is the big riffing, bombastic title song 'Still A Warrior'. Full of pace and superb musicianship with a very powerful clean vocal style, DSG are back and back doing what they do best. 'Ressecution' is more intense and a little bit brutal as it threatens to smash your face in, such is its aggressive nature. The guitar work is superb, the solos clean and clear and the vocal delivery is apt to the sound of the song.    
'Glimpse Of Tomorrow' is one of those mid tempo, guitar buzz sounding songs that will have you stomping your feet in delight, nodding your head in appreciation and smiling like the proverbial cat that got the cream. DSG play a brand of infectious, heavy power metal with a very distinct guitar sound. David SHankle is well known throughout the music industry for his guitar playing skill and prowess and he is most certainly at the top of his game here. If you need proof, just take a listen to 'Demonic Solo' ... one and a half minutes of pure guitar heaven and a lesson to all the young guitarists out there. The best song off the album, 'Fuel For The Fire', is a high speed, high tempo, intense heavy metal song that has it all. Cannot fault this song in anyway, shape or form, it is a perfect example of everything that heavy metal stands for. So, how do you follow perfection?    
With more perfection...'Eye To Eye' continues the trend set by 'Fuel For The Fire' with an awesome display of top notch heavy power metal. Catchy, infectious and a pleasure to head bang to, 'Eye To Eye' is yet another superb song. If you have never heard David Shankle play guitar before, then you need to get comfy and listen to the next eight minutes of sheer brilliance. 'Hitman' is a lesson in how to play guitar...not just for the beginners, but for those elders too. 'Hitman' is relentless and is a majestic, magical stroll through epic magnificence.    
'Suffer In Silence' brings the vocals back in and is an up tempo, energetic blast of power metal. With superb (am I using that word too often?) guitar work and oh so strong vocals 'Suffer In Silence' is top drawer stuff. With a slightly darker attitude and a deeper, more involved sound, 'Into The Darkness' has the punch to knock you out as it stomps on at a relentless pace. Bringing the album to a close is the up tempo, high energy 'Across The Line'. More in common with the speed metal genre, 'Across The Line' is very catchy and will have you head banging like a complete nut. This is a superb album of superb quality by accomplished musicians at the top of their game.    
Overall, superb guitar driven, heavy power metal that will astound and astonish. A great album by a great band with a great guitarist.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records